We work with you to accomplish your research goals.

We offer a wide range of analytical, research, and consulting services in the archaeological, palaeontological, and other natural sciences.

Our services include investigations of the chemical and structural characteristics of natural and anthropogenic materials using sophisticated analytical instrumentation.

We also provide statistical and calibration support for applications such as multivariate hypothesis testing and radiocarbon calibration.

Some of our top services…

Lithic Sourcing and Provenance

Where did these rocks come from? We apply cutting-edge analytical techniques and sophisticated statistical approaches to ensure you have the most confidence in your results as possible.

Material Characterization

What is this stuff? Is this material safe? We can help you collect and interpret data to ensure you’re comparing apples-to-apples and handling objects safely.

Thermal Maturity and Temperature Estimates

How hot were these rocks? We are specialists in applying spectroscopic techniques to assess just how ‘cooked’ the carbonaceous material is in your samples.

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