We provide analytical and support services to help you reach your research goals.

Lithic and Ochre Provenance

Where did these stone tools come from? What are they composed of? We apply cutting-edge analytical techniques and sophisticated statistical approaches to ensure you have the most confidence in your results as possible.

The nitty gritty…

Lithic Cataloguing and Analysis

What is the story told by these stone tools? What was going on at the site? How does that fit into the larger regional patterns? We bring custom database design, assemblage cataloguing, statistical analyses, use-wear assessments, and the top-quality imaging to bring out the narrative from the stones.

Artifact Workshops and Training

Want to build your team’s capacity? We offer on-site training in lithic identification, cataloguing, flintknapping, artifact illustration and photography, so let us help level up your team’s skills.

XRF Rentals

Are you certified by NRCan to operate an XRF? We provide easy access to instrument rentals at extremely affordable rates so you can collect your own data. We also are more than happy to help you interpret it!

GIS and Cartography

All your mapping needs in one place. Whether you’re looking for report graphics, maps for academic publication, field materials, or anything else, we’re ready to craft the maps you need.
All your landscape analysis needs in the same place! From multivariate predictive models to paleochannels to (cost) path analyses to placenames we’ve got your landscape analysis needs covered.

Aerial Survey

Let’s get your project off the ground. We use state-of-the-art drone-based LiDAR and digital photogrammetry to create high-resolution maps and images of archaeological sites and landscapes. Whether you need to survey a large area, identify subtle landscape features, or monitor changes over time, we can provide you with accurate and reliable data to support your research and management goals.

Check out some 3D views!

GIS Training

Want to make your own maps? Learn the basics of mapping and landscape analysis using free, open-source software (QGIS) in a workshop tailored to your specific needs and projects

Field Support

Let’s put our boots on the ground. Over thirty years of combined fieldwork experience in settings ranging from Hawaii to Haida Gwaii; Belize to Belgium and focussed in the Pacific Northwest can help you get the job done.