In 2022, we released a Journal of Archaeological Science paper describing our open-source application, SourceXplorer, which is used for all sourcing-related projects at GeoArchaeo.

SourceXplorer allows researchers to apply sophisticated statistical procedures that generate robust and reproducible interpretations of relationships between sources and unknowns using any type of numerical data.

First developed for using trace element concentrations during archaeological lithic sourcing studies, we are continuously discovering new and unique applications for our open-source guided user interface built using Shiny in the R Programming Environment.

SourceXplorer is free, transparent, and malleable. This site is where you can find the most recent versions of the application, as well as interact with us, the developers, for any tips you may need along the way.

No sourcing outcomes are absolute, especially when determined using indirect proxies. Confidence in such results is always only as good as the models used to produce them. Considering this, SourceXplorer provides no guarantees nor warranties of any kind. We take no responsibility for misuse or misinterpretation of the outcomes produced by SourceXplorer.

To learn more, visit the SourceXplorer website at and our recent publication:

McMillan, R., Waber, N., Ritchie, M., Frahm, E. 2022. Introducing SourceXplorer, an open-source statistical tool for guided lithic sourcing. Journal of Archaeological Science.

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